Changes to the Board of Directors in Horisont Energi

30. May 2024

SANDNES, Norway 29 May 2024 – Prior to today’s General Meeting, the employees of Horisont Energi (EURONEXT: HRGI) elected Celine Pithoud as the employee elected board member to the company’s board with Hilde Alexandersen as personal deputy. Both have been elected for a two-year term effective from this year’s General Meeting until the General Meeting in 2026.

Celine Pithoud has been with the company since 2022, initially serving as a procurement manager. She is currently a project management for the Polaris carbon storage project and brings valuable insights and competencies from her extensive experience in the energy sector including from companies such as Wintershall Dea and Equinor. Celine Pithoud holds three master’s degrees within business and administration, law, and supply chain management, and is a French citizen with permanent residency in Norway.

Following today’s General Meeting, the board consists of:
•       Dr Gabriël Clemens (chair)
•       Leif Christian Salomonsen (deputy chair)
•       Silje Augustson (elected as board member for 2 years)
•       Rolf Magne Larsen (board member)
•       Rob Stevens (board member)
•       Celine Claire Laure Pithoud (employee elected board member)

Rainer Bayerke continues as a personal deputy to Dr Gabriël Clemens.

About Horisont
Horisont Energi (EURONEXT: HRGI) is a Norwegian clean energy company that provides clean energy and carbon transport and storage services. The company will transform gas, water and renewable energy into cost-leading clean ammonia and hydrogen and offer CO2 transportation and storage services using proprietary technology, paving the way for a low carbon economy. The Horisont Energi group includes three subsidiaries: Horisont Ammoniakk for the clean ammonia business; Horisont Karbon for the carbon storage business; and Horisont Infra for the mid-stream CCS infrastructure. The company was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Sandnes, Norway.

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