Changes in the Board of Directors

13. October 2023

Sandnes, Norway 13 October 2023: Horisont Energi AS (EURONEXT: HRGI) today announces changes in the Board of Directors.

As a result of a new professional engagement, board member Ms. Beatriz Malo de Molina in September informed the board that she could regretfully no longer retain her directorship in the Company beyond the time required to nominate a replacement.

A replacement candidate has been found and the nomination committee has nominated Ms. Silje Christine Augustson as a new board member. She will be formally elected subject to shareholder’s approval at an Extraordinary General Assembly later this autumn. Through an agreement with the board, Ms. Augustson will fully participate in the board work, but will not have the right to vote before she is formally elected. Ms. Augustson brings extensive experience from leading positions and directorships in sectors like finance, energy, geo services, real estate, and retail. She currently works as CEO and Creative Director for Esperance Lifestyle besides being a strategic advisor for Carbonor AS. In addition to her new appointment in Horisont Energi, she will retain her roles as board member in Vanir Asset Management and Vital Voices, Europe.

Mr. Stefan Håkonsson, who has served as a personal deputy for Dr. Gabriël Clemens (in his capacity as appointed board member), has left the E.ON Group. Therefore E.ON has decided to appoint Mr. Rainer Bayerke, Chief Financial Officer of E.ON Energy Projects GmbH, to become the new personal deputy for Dr. Clemens in his capacity as board member.

The deputy chairperson, Mr. Leif Christian Salomonsen, will retain the role as deputy to Dr. Clemens in his capacity as chairperson elected by the General Meeting. The company would like to thank both Ms. Malo de Molina and Mr. Håkonsson for their contributions to Horisont Energi and is welcoming Ms. Silje Christine Augustson and Mr. Rainer Bayerke.

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